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The Future of Investing

Solutions for Professionals

Qualified Custody of Digital Assets

Leveraging technology to provide customized and innovative digital currency custody solutions for institutional clients including alternative asset investment funds, registered investment advisors and various investment platforms.

Digital Custody

Qualified Custody for Institutions

Assisting institutions and funds ensure investor transparency by providing a simple and cost-effective solutions for Dodd-Frank and other regulatory compliance needs.

Institutional Custody

Solutions for Individuals

Qualified Custody of Digital Assets

Digital currency like Bitcoin and Ethereum has become a go-to asset for many investors. Kingdom Trust’s platform was the first to allow self-directed retirement accounts holding digital currency investments directly.

Digital IRA

Qualified Custody of Alternative Assets

Allowing investors to diversify with alternative assets such as digital currency, real estate, precious metals and private equity!

Self-Directed IRA


Account opening assistance.
24/7 online account access.
Frequent educational opportunities.


Streamlined onboarding.
Easy-to-understand and competitive fee schedule.
Ability to invest in what you know and understand.


Industry leader in understanding the regulatory and compliance environment.
Established relationships with leading firms to ensure investments are stored properly and meet IRS requirements.


Simple, cost-effective custody and administrative solutions.
Online account opening.
Diverse investment options, specializing in alternatives.

What our clients are saying

"We have been using Kingdom Trust as our custodian for alternative assets for over 5 years. Kingdom Trust’s support and always ready to help attitude has had a positive impact on operational efficiency. Their technology interfaces with various systems we use are unique and leading edge."

Vali Nasr - Claraphi Advisory Network, LLC

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