5 Common Digital Trading FAQs

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Cryptocurrency trading has increased significantly in recent months. With Choice by KT, clients have the ability to invest in not only Bitcoin, but also a wide variety of other digital assets that we are able to hold on our platform. Are you interested in having more choice for your retirement? If so, carefully review these common digital trading FAQs.

How do I get started?

  1. Open an account. Review our pricing options here.
  2. Do your research. Consult with an investment advisor or tax professional so that you can decide which investments are a good fit for you. Remember that Kingdom Trust cannot give advice on what you should invest in. However, we hope this information may help you determine whether digital assets are right for you and your investing goals.
  3. Start investing! With Choice, we’ve created a simple and easy way to trade online.

What is a digital asset exchange?

An exchange is a digital platform allowing buyers and sellers to trade digital assets with both conventional fiat (such as U.S. dollars) and digital currencies (such as Bitcoin).

We’re connected to both traditional as well as digital asset exchanges. On the traditional asset front, we execute trades over Interactive Brokers and on the digital asset front, we mainly use Kraken.

Do you offer a support feature?  

We take client support seriously, that’s why we have both in-app support ticket creation for issues that may arise as well as for future feature requests. Plus, we have in app chat to connect you with a support team member during business hours as well.

How do I make a trade?

Making a trade with Choice is pretty simple. With our online dashboard, clients can access their portfolio, view their holdings and buy or sell digital assets as well as public equities all from a single online account.

To start,

  1. Log into your Choice account by clicking here. Credentials not working? Click the link next to “Forgot Password?” on the login page and enter your email address on file to reset your password.
  2. Select the first asset you’d like to trade from the online application trading page by either – searching for the asset by name and hitting the trade button OR by selecting it from the watchlist.
  3. Once you have the asset selected, you should see a screen that includes all your trade options.
  4.  No two trades are the same in our world – some clients just want exposure; others have a target price. That’s why we support both market and limit trade orders (trades now cancel at midnight UTC) from the same flow.
  5. Prior to trade confirmation, you are able to view the estimated trade total + fees at the bottom portion of the screen.

Will I receive a trade confirmation?

With our updated system, you won’t have any doubts about whether or not your trade was placed properly. After you confirm the trade, you will then receive an email including all the critical transaction details to the email your account is associated with.

This email notification will serve as the transaction confirmation and contains a unique transaction reference number in case you ever need to refer back. 

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