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Do You Have Clients Interested in Cryptocurrency?

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digital currency cryptocurrencyCryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum has continued to draw the attention of both retirement investors and institutional clients. Are your clients asking about this new investment class? If so, do you know where to turn for digital asset custody?

If you have clients interested in cryptocurrency and digital assets, look to Kingdom Trust to provide the custody solutions you need.

Individual Account Solutions

Kingdom Trust was the first in our industry to allow clients to hold digital assets directly inside a Self-Directed IRA. Those seeking to use retirement funds to invest in digital currency must set up an account with a firm specializing in digital assets and seek an exchange or storage provider. We have established relationships with digital asset specialists and work closely with wallet providers to ensure investments are stored properly and meet IRS requirements.

Your clients can invest in digital assets directly or indirectly via a fund (public or private) holding cryptocurrency. If clients want to hold cryptos directly in IRAs, they can self-direct with Kingdom Trust to make this possible. The client’s retirement account would be responsible for buying and selling the digital currency.

We will also hold accounts wherein a client invests in a digital asset fund or trust that issues shares based on the currency value. Clients may also hold digital assets via an IRA-owned single-member LLC. Buying and selling of the digital currency would be conducted by the LLC in this instance. We also custody taxable accounts for those looking to make alternative asset investments outside of retirement accounts.

Institutional Custody Solutions

For those looking to invest via an institutional custody solution, Kingdom Trust also provides the secure custody solutions compliant with a rapidly-changing regulatory environment. Our qualified custody service is designed for funds, financial institutions, investment sponsors, RIAs and family offices.

We provide end-to-end capabilities to secure digital assets, and by using Kingdom Trust, clients receive all the regulatory benefits like transparency, accountability and compliance. If you’re exempt from Custody Rule requirements, keep in mind that even those exempt from the rule often involve the services of a qualified custodian for the degree of separation and level of transparency and accountability required by institutional and ultra-high net worth clients.

Besides the benefits of ongoing custody, Kingdom Trust’s relationship pricing is flexible relative to fund activity, transactions, asset types, number of investors and reporting frequency. And we will not compete with you for your clients’ business, serving as a third-party to institutional clients’ investment decisions.

Kingdom Trust can custody a variety of individual accounts, including Self-Directed IRAsSolo 401(k)s and other taxable accounts. We also provide custody solutions for the individual investor accounts of fund managersadvisors and broker-dealersinvestment sponsors and more. And any of these account types may hold digital asset investments.

Want to learn more about digital asset investing in retirement or institutional accounts? Visit any of the below:

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