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Millennials Are Attracted to Alternative Investments, Studies Find

One of the pressing concerns in a variety of industries is what to do about Millennials. One of the primary questions is how to market to them? Several of Kingdom Trust’s advisor relationships have this very question: how do I bring in more Millennial investors? However, when it comes to Millennial generation interests, alternative investments […]

DOL Proposes Delay to Fiduciary Rule

The Department of Labor (DOL) proposed a rule Wednesday to delay Fiduciary Rule implementation for 60 days. Visit the Federal Register to view the rule. A 15-day comment period will begin from the moment the rule is published. The comment period regards a proposal to extend the applicability date of the rule. The implementation date remains at […]

Trump Orders Review of Fiduciary Rule

On Friday, February 3, 2017, President Donald Trump directed the Department of Labor (DOL) to examine the fiduciary rule. The President instructed the DOL to either rescind or revise the rule if certain determinations are made. Despite many news reports to the contrary, the President did not order an immediate delay of the fiduciary rule. […]

DOL Fiduciary Rule in Question?

With the compliance date for most of the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule coming up on April 10, many firms are ensuring they meet the rule’s new requirements. And while firms are moving forward with compliance, some hold out hope that the rule will be repealed or replaced. With President-elect Trump set to take office […]

IRS announces relief for Hurricane Matthew victims

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is providing relief for retirement account holders impacted by Hurricane Matthew. On October 21, 2016, the IRS issued Announcement 2016-39 and effectively relaxed some rules applicable to loans and hardship distributions from retirement plans. Affected individuals may access retirement account funds more quickly “with a minimum of red tape.” This is […]

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