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Are state-run auto-enrollment IRA programs a good approach to retirement concerns?

By Charles “Bo” Ives, Kingdom Trust President Less than half of workers have access to a workplace retirement plan, according to The Pew Charitable Trusts. That same report states that only 22% of Americans are very confident they will have enough money for a comfortable retirement. Because of these and other negative indicators, policymakers at […]

GUEST POST: The Thiessen Tax Court Case – Loan Guarantees Create Prohibited Transactions and Other Lessons

By John Hyre The following guest post is a commentary by John Hyre about the recent Thiessen v. Commissioner case in United States Tax Court involving a prohibited transaction. The case centered on a prohibited transaction specific to IRC 4975(c)(1)(B), or any direct or indirect “lending of money or other extension of credit between an […]

Few making contributions to their IRAs, says ICI study

According to a recent study by the Investment Company Institute, although most households were eligible to contribute to an IRA in 2014, only 14% did so. Very few eligible households made any catch-up contributions, either. While the percentage of U.S. households that contributed to IRAs was actually higher than in the previous tax year, it […]

Retirement reality check for Millennials

By Charles “Bo” Ives, President CBS News recently published an article about why the Baby Boom Generation needs a “reality check” when it comes to retirement expectations. The numbers shared in the piece are interesting but also unfortunate. What’s most unfortunate is that a majority of Boomers expect to keep working indefinitely. The article points […]

The Threatened State of Financial Freedom

By Charles “Bo” Ives, President Retirement is a frightening concept for many, and the idea of saving for retirement seems to be getting more and more of a negative connotation. Also, some data shows it on the decline among Millennials, despite recent news that Millennials are actually saving more than their parents’ generation. One major […]

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