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Category Archives: Self-Directed IRA Education

The Parties Involved with Your Self-Directed IRA

About a year ago, we posted an article identifying the similarities between digital currency and precious metals investments. For those interested in digital asset investing, we identified the parties involved in both classes to help them get started. In this exclusive blog post, we identify the parties involved in Self-Directed IRA investments to help clear […]

3 Ways to Fund a Retirement Account with Your Tax Refund

Even though we’re a month or so from Tax Day 2018, many have already completed their tax returns. Those who’ve already received refunds from the IRS may even be debating what to do with the extra cash. Perhaps they will pay down debt. Perhaps, with Spring arriving in a few weeks, they will purchase a […]

What Should You Do with Your Orphaned 401(k)?

Over the past few decades, Americans have witnessed a shift from defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans. The most notable defined contribution plan is the 401(k), many of which are forgotten about once we change jobs. In fact, millions of Americans are leaving assets in a 401(k) after changing jobs. TIAA-CREF estimates that 30% […]

6 Differences Between Custodians and Administrators

As an independent, qualified custodian, we understand our role is different than that of a third-party administrator (TPA). However, we’re often asked the difference between a custodian and an administrator. Here are six important differences between custodians and administrators. Custodians are subject to federal or state regulation. Regulators must review the financial and operational stability […]

5 Common Questions About Real Estate Investments

Real estate is widely considered to be among the top alternative investments. Many investors transfer or roll over funds into self-directed accounts because their current custodian either won’t allow real estate holdings or because they have little experience with the asset when held inside tax-advantaged accounts. Perhaps you’re wondering if owning real estate inside a […]

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