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Category Archives: Self-Directed IRA Education

5 Questions to Ask During Investment Research

It’s very important to perform the necessary research on any investment to evaluate its legality and the potential for gain/loss. We commonly refer to such research as “due diligence.” Because account holders choose to have more control and responsibility in self-directed retirement accounts, due diligence is key to ensuring you won’t run into major issues […]

6 Ways to Spot Ponzi Schemes Targeting Self-Directed Investors

April 2017 was a busy month for Ponzi scheme-related cases. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life that individuals must stay vigilant when investing. And this is even more important with self-directed investors, who regularly invest in alternative assets requiring more due diligence than publicly-traded assets. Consider these six potential Ponzi scheme red flags when performing […]

Learn About Private Company Investing with Our New Private Equity eBook!

Private equity investments are among the most sought-after investments in the alternative asset space. Some investors gravitate toward private company investing due to previous experience with investments in publicly-traded companies. Many investors see this opportunity as yet another path to true diversification in one’s portfolio. Our new eBook, Consider the Alternatives: Investing with a Private […]

Millennials Are Attracted to Alternative Investments, Studies Find

One of the pressing concerns in a variety of industries is what to do about Millennials. One of the primary questions is how to market to them? Several of Kingdom Trust’s advisor relationships have this very question: how do I bring in more Millennial investors? However, when it comes to Millennial generation interests, alternative investments […]

New and Improved eBooks!

In 2016 we made a few changes to our Education section on One change introduced a page dedicated to our current eBooks and white papers. While you may have visited this page before, we regularly add new material and update previously published content. Since the launch of these new pages, we’ve updated a few of the […]