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Millennials are attracted to alternative investments, studies find

One of the pressing concerns in a variety of industries is what to do about Millennials. One of the primary questions is how to market to them? Several of Kingdom Trust’s advisor relationships have this very question: how do I bring in more Millennial investors? However, when it comes to Millennial generation interests, alternative investments […]

New and Improved eBooks!

In 2016 we made a few changes to our Education section on One change introduced a page dedicated to our current eBooks and white papers. While you may have visited this page before, we regularly add new material and update previously published content. Since the launch of these new pages, we’ve updated a few of the […]

The Problem with “Self-Dealing” in Retirement Accounts

“Self-dealing” is an often-discussed concept in retirement investing. This is especially true when the conversation includes self-directed retirement accounts. Your retirement plan is supposed to benefit you upon retirement. You are not to benefit prior to retirement. Any such benefit could result in a prohibited transaction. Self-dealing in retirement accounts simply means using retirement funds […]

Are You Prepared to Take Your 2016 RMD?

If you hold a Traditional, SEP or SIMPLE IRA and are over 70½, you have until December 31, 2016, to take your required minimum distribution (RMD). Eligible account holders who have yet to take their first RMD are excluded, as they have until April 1 of next year. Are you prepared to take your RMD? […]

IRA Myth Debunked: You Can’t Work with an Advisor if You Hold a Self-Directed IRA

A common myth is that you are unable to seek the counsel of a financial advisor when self-directing your retirement account. Some firms may even intentionally propagate this myth simply because certain alternative assets can’t be held on their platforms. You can and should work with an advisor when holding a Self-Directed IRA. By working […]

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