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4 New Educational Pages Available on

We recently made a few changes to our Education section on We’ve made available many educational resources previously only available to current clients or those who subscribe to our newsletter. Along with pages dedicated to a weekly blog and a news section devoted to conference attendance and other important messages, our Education section delivers […]

IRA myth debunked: IRAs are always tax free

Choosing the right type of IRA for your individual situation is one of many decisions you must make among the bevy of decisions related to individual retirement investing. Unfortunately, many that begin the process of opening an individual retirement account are confused by the opposing terms “tax-deferred” and “tax-free.” A common IRA myth is that […]

GUEST POST: The Thiessen Tax Court Case – Loan Guarantees Create Prohibited Transactions and Other Lessons

By John Hyre The following guest post is a commentary by John Hyre about the recent Thiessen v. Commissioner case in United States Tax Court involving a prohibited transaction. The case centered on a prohibited transaction specific to IRC 4975(c)(1)(B), or any direct or indirect “lending of money or other extension of credit between an […]

New eligibility rules for small creditors 

Investing in private lending secured by real estate is a popular method of investing with Self-Directed IRAs. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has recently updated its regulatory implementation page with a couple of resources related to loans secured by mortgages. If your IRA makes loans secured by real estate, you may want to discuss […]

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