Real Estate

What if instead of paying taxes on your real estate investment income, you were able to defer or potentially avoid paying those taxes and use them to reinvest?

Real estate has historically been a stable investment that consistently appreciates. Few realize that they have the opportunity to invest in real estate via a self-directed retirement account and that the accounts can benefit from enormous tax-deferred or tax-free advantages. Further, most beginning investors are unaware that real estate investing does not require a substantial amount of money.

Some consider real estate the bedrock of alternative asset investing. You can see it, touch it and even stand on it. It is tangible and real, and each piece is unique. These features provide real estate investors an added sense of ownership of their assets. Also, real estate investments are insurable, which means they can’t just disappear into thin air like Wall Street investments.

Investing in real estate is a strategy that has withstood the test of time and rocky financial markets.

With a Kingdom Trust account, you can invest in residential property, including

  • Real Estate Processsingle-family homes, including rental property and fix-and-flips
  • condominiums, townhomes and duplexes
  • vacation homes
  • residential real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • tax liens and tax deeds
  • real estate options
  • mobile homes, including rental property and fix-and-flips
  • foreclosures and HUD homes
  • probate property
  • wholesale
  • turn-key real estate
  • land contracts
  • developed or undeveloped residential land
  • bank-owned or other real estate owned (REO) property

If you want to invest in commercial real estate, you could hold assets such as

  • multi-family dwellings, including apartment, condominium or townhome complexes
  • retail establishments like malls, storefronts and shopping centers
  • office buildings
  • vacation resorts
  • hotels
  • gyms and recreational facilities
  • industrial buildings, warehouses, storage and shipping facilities
  • commercial real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • mobile home and RV parks
  • hospitals and medical offices
  • retirement homes and assisted living facilities
  • transportation properties, including parking garages, marinas and boat docks, shipping yards, and airplane hangars and runways
  • turn-key real estate
  • farmland
  • land contracts
  • developed or undeveloped commercial land

Your property or land options are seemingly endless, and real estate opportunities are everywhere. You can do almost any investment inside your retirement account that you can do with non-retirement account funds. You can even invest in real estate crowdfunding opportunities or buy into an entity purchasing real estate (such as a single-member LLC or REIT).

To get started, contact Client Services today! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer most of your questions and walk you through the account opening and transfer processes.

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