Custodial Accounts

Besides Self-Directed IRAs, Solo 401(k) plans and institutional custody solutions, Kingdom Trust also custodies taxable accounts. As with our other custodial services, Kingdom Trust merely acts as custodian and doesn’t provide fiduciary services (including, but not limited to, investment or tax advice).

Collectively called custodial accounts, these taxable accounts include the following account types:

  • individual accounts
  • joint accounts
  • trust accounts
  • business accounts

Kingdom Trust custodial accounts are provided the same investment, account management and reporting services as our retirement and institutional accounts.  

Why go with Kingdom Trust instead of a traditional financial institution? With a Kingdom Trust account, you have the flexibility to diversify your investments over both public and private investments. Also, Kingdom Trust clients often experience lower fees versus other custodial account providers.

As named custodian, Kingdom Trust will

  • safe keep custodial account funds;
  • monitor, maintain and/or disperse account funds as directed by the account holder or other authorized individual or entity;
  • maintain separate subaccounts as appropriate to reflect the different nature of the contributions constituting the custodial account and/or other appropriate distinctions that may apply from time to time; and
  • prepare, maintain and provide periodic reports and statements to the account holder or other authorized individual or entity.

Kingdom Trust allows the same nearly unlimited investment options for its custodial account investors as it does our retirement and institutional account investors. Therefore, you can invest in alternative assets like real estate, private equity, marketplace lending and more with a custodial account.

Are you ready to open a joint, trust, business or individual custodial account? Feel free to use our online application to open an account! Or contact us today or schedule a call with Business Development with any additional inquiries.

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