Crowdfunding & MPL Portals

Interested in setting up a crowdfunding or marketplace lending (MPL) portal? Already have one? Consider opening up your pool of investment capital by integrating retirement funding into your platform.

The crowdfunding and marketplace lending industries have grown to support billions in investment capital worldwide, and the Self-Directed IRA is the primary retirement vehicle that can crowd finance or crowd lend. And with an account from Kingdom Trust, crowdfunding and MPL portals have the opportunity to reach a vast and emerging pool of retirement capital.

Kingdom Trust is an industry leader in crowdfunding and marketplace lending with retirement accounts.

With low account fees and a simple online account opening process, Kingdom Trust account holders can invest in crowdfunding or marketplace lending opportunities with several of the largest online portals and platforms. And they can use retirement dollars with these investments for potential tax advantages that could include tax-free earnings.

Investors are eager to use their retirement funds to participate in crowdfunding opportunities. If you already have a crowdfunding or MPL portal or are considering starting one, contact our team to discuss how our Self-Directed IRA and other self-directed account holders can invest retirement money in crowdfunding opportunities.

Kingdom Trust does not sell nor provide investment advice, but we do custody client accounts investing in crowdfunding and MPL opportunities, provided they adhere to SEC regulations. We do not promote, provide, endorse or sell investment products, nor do we endorse or promote any individual investment advisor or investment sponsor. We also cannot promote any individual portal or platform.

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