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IRA myth debunked: I can only invest my IRA where the account is held

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IRA Myth Debunked

A commonly used stat in our industry is that only 3% of IRA holders know that they may invest in alternative assets with retirement funds. But there is another large group of IRA holders that are unaware about a critical feature of their retirement savings accounts.

Many IRA holders believe they can only invest IRA funds at the financial institution wherein they first opened the account. This is simply not the case.

Retirement accounts can contain investments in a multitude of assets. You can absolutely invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and certificates of deposit, with many offerings at banks and related financial institutions where investors might get their first start in retirement investing. But you can also expand your retirement investing possibilities beyond the traditional options into alternative assets like real estate and private equity.

Doing so, however, will likely require you to hold an account with a Self-Directed IRA custodian like Kingdom Trust in order to fully benefit from the freedom to invest in a specific asset, business or industry that you know and understand. Kingdom Trust does not provide, promote or endorse any investment products, but we custody investments in a wide variety of assets, from common alternatives like commercial property or gold bullion to more unique alternatives such as livestock and fire trucks.

Do you have a retirement account you’d like to take direct control of? Have an IRA with an institution that limits your options and creativity to self-direct your retirement future?

You can transfer your IRA to Kingdom Trust through transfer or rollover, or you can open a new account. Kingdom Trust can custody your Self-Directed IRA and assist with any account questions you may have. Simply contact us today for help with getting started.

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