Kingdom Trust Solidifies Foundation for Qualified Custody of Digital Assets

The industry leader in cryptocurrency custody publishes white paper on qualified custody of digital assets.


A leader in alternative asset investing and institutional custody services, Kingdom Trust recently released a new white paper on qualified custody of digital assets. Known for their flexible and creative solutions to the needs of their clients, this white paper illustrates Kingdom Trust’s status as pioneer of digital asset custody.

Written by Kingdom Trust CEO, Matt Jennings, the new white paper clarifies the concept of “qualified custody” and outlines why the cryptocurrency marketplace benefits from the inclusion of qualified custodians like Kingdom Trust.

The educational piece releases at a time when more and more individual and institutional investors consider Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets for their portfolios. Kingdom Trust allows its clients to hold digital assets in secured digital wallets by leaders in blockchain security, cold storage and multi-signature wallets. These wallets and cold storage devices ensure the privacy and security sought by taxable and non-taxable account holders.

“If you hold a significant amount of digital assets or are an investor in a fund or product that does, you should ask your advisor, exchange, or security provider if they utilize the services of an unrelated qualified custodian to safekeep your assets,” says Jennings. “If not, you may want to do further research and consider other alternatives.”

Jennings insists that more transparency, security, and trust should be added to the overall cryptocurrency marketplace. Kingdom Trust believes that the use of qualified custodians brings strength and trust to the digital asset market, helping it to expand into larger institutional growth and enabling the successful release of many new and exciting products.

To download the white paper, visit

About Kingdom Trust

Kingdom Trust is an independent qualified custodian under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended, and 26 USC 408. Kingdom Trust is registered and regulated in the state of South Dakota and does not provide, promote, endorse or sell investment products and does not endorse or promote any individual investment advisor or investment sponsor. For more information, please visit

The content of this press release is provided for educational and informational purposes only.

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