On Growth, Change and Providing a Better Support Experience for Clients

  • Available now 🎟️ Expanded ticket support with the new Support form
  • On Feb 15 📞 Changes to phone support
  • Coming soon ⏱️ More self-service resources & verification “Express Lanes”

Since launching Kingdom Trust in 2010, our team has enjoyed the honor and privilege of serving thousands of clients like yourself. Over that period we witnessed significant change in the financial industry and growing interest in alternative assets, particularly with the emergence of new technologies like Bitcoin. With our clients’ help, we have been able to grow and change along the way too.

Today, we find ourselves in another cycle of growth and change. More people than ever before are considering alternative investments and our data reflects this. Across the board we are seeing “number go up” in new account openings, fundings, support inquiries, transactions, etc. We love this growth… but hate when it leads to frustration and longer waits or processing times for clients.

We are growing our team accordingly, yet also recognize that we need to change in order to keep up. So we’re taking a hard look at how we operate in every area of our business. Many changes are already underway, with even more planned over the coming months – our focus is on providing digitally optimized, self-service experiences for clients that reduce friction and eliminate bottlenecks.

To that end we are introducing some changes to how we deliver client support, with the ultimate goal of better assisting you in a timely manner.

Expanding ticket-based support.

We’re augmenting our ability to handle more support requests by expanding ticket-based support. With our new Support form you can submit a request or inquiry, which will auto-generate a ticket that enables us to dispatch these submissions to the appropriate specialist directly in order to get back to you more quickly.

Scaling back inbound phone support.

We all hate holding – so rather than calling us, let us call you. To do so, we kindly ask that you first submit a ticket using the new Support form and indicate in the Description field the questions or matter you would like to discuss. Please be sure to include all of your questions or supporting details in this field to ensure we can pair you with the right specialist. While we may not be able to honor every call request as quickly as we would like to, we can ensure a much faster email response if you provide these details up front. That way if you still have questions, we can call you to discuss.

Providing more self-service resources.

To complement these changes, we’re also building out a self-service resource library with knowledge base articles, how-to walkthroughs, tutorial videos and more – that way you can troubleshoot and resolve issues at your own pace, on your own schedule. Stay tuned for more updates here very soon.

Introducing verification Express Lanes.

Securing our clients’ assets is paramount, but we also understand some of the requirements that come with this responsibility can create extra work for clients – like verification callbacks. To streamline this process we’re introducing verification “Express Lanes” that will allow clients to verify their requests via app or by scheduling a five-minute call. We’ll be rolling both features out in the coming weeks.

Doubling down on digital.

As our lives and communities become more digital, so too must our business. We are investing heavily in technology, people and systems that enable us to deliver the modern, digitally optimized financial services experience that clients expect. This is an iterative process that will occur over many months and is not limited to client support. To join us on this journey and take full advantage of new features as they’re rolled out, we encourage all clients to start using our self-service online platform (let us know if you need access and we’ll happily set you up).

We are excited about these changes and confident they will result in a superior product for clients. However, this is v0.1 and we’re far from finished – so we expect there to be some bugs and hiccups to work through along the way, plus plenty of opportunity for optimization and improvement. We would love your help identifying these areas, as well ideas or feedback for how we can deliver an even better experience.

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