Retirement plans for small business owners

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Small business owners have retirement plan options beyond Traditional and Roth IRAs, with the most notable self-directed options being the Simplified Employee Pension (or SEP IRA), the Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE IRA) and the Solo 401(k). Just like with Traditional or Roth IRA accounts, each of these can be a Self-Directed IRA account and thereby have the ability to invest in alternative investments. Each plan also enjoys significant tax advantages like those of a Traditional or Roth IRA.

Kingdom Trust has created an eBook that details these three plans as possible solutions for small business owners. Click the image below (or here) to download your copy!

Self-Directed Solutions for Small Business Owners


Please know that this educational piece is by no means a comprehensive breakdown of each of these plan options and should not be considered advice on whether one is right for your individual situation. Kingdom Trust recommends consultation with tax and financial advisors prior to choosing a retirement plan for you or your business.

Do you already have one of these plans (or another IRA or qualified retirement plan) but it doesn’t allow self-direction? You can transfer all or part of those retirement funds to a Kingdom Trust Self-Directed IRA! Contact us today for help with getting started.


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