Self-Directed IRA For Professionals & Advisors

Learn how to introduce the Self-Directed IRA into your book of business. Kingdom Trust is here to educate you and your clients on ways to use alternative assets to grow retirement wealth. From a Registered Investment Advisor looking to help clients diversify to a real estate professional working with investor clients, we are here to assist.

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For RIAs

Consider asset diversification through alternative asset custody for your client base. A Self-Directed IRA provides opportunities for investment in

  • Real estate
  • Precious metals
  • Private equity and private stock
  • Private lending
  • Single-Member LLCs
  • Trust deeds
  • Tax liens
  • Hedge funds
  • Forex
  • Green energy
  • And more!





By using Kingdom Trust as your custodian, you can provide rollover solutions and financial planning to your clients and help them diversify holdings.

Kingdom Trust is also here for investment managers interested in raising and investing capital via qualified retirement accounts. We offer a regulatory solution for private fund custody to help you operate within the confines of regulatory requirements and with greater transparency to your clients.

For Attorneys

Becoming well versed in alternative investing and Self-Directed IRA accounts may help you attract new clients. You could have the opportunity to

  • Review and/or prepare private placement memorandums, private lending and single-member LLC documents and other investment-related contracts for clients
  • Guide your clients through estate planning
  • Assist clients in structuring various business entities
  • Perform closings for clients purchasing real property via a Real Estate IRA

Consider being a trusted legal resource for clients interested in investing in alternatives with a Self-Directed IRA.

For CPAs

You may be able to expand your business by staying informed on alternative investing and Self-Directed IRAs and being a trusted resource for clients needing investment-related tax advice or establishing individual or small business retirement plans:

  • Inform clients of potential alternative investment choices within their retirement accounts
  • Assist new and existing companies with capital needs
  • Review alternative asset purchases and the related tax ramifications

Your clients could have the opportunity to better manage and diversify their retirement accounts by choosing their own investments, assets they know and understand.

For Real Estate Professionals

By introducing the Real Estate IRA to your book of business, you may have the opportunity to close more investor deals (with a potential for increased commissions). You and your client can invest tax deferred or tax-free on such real estate investments as

  • Fix n’ flips
  • Short sales
  • Tax liens
  • Property bought at auction
  • Private lending, secured by property

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