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3 Little-Known Facts About Real Estate Investing in Self-Directed IRAs

Last week, we outlined 10 common Self-Directed IRA misconceptions. Number 6 on the list was the misconception that owning real estate in an IRA is illegal. As long as IRS rules are followed, you can definitely own real estate in a retirement account. Of course, having a custodian who specializes in self-directed accounts is key. […]

10 Self-Directed IRA Misconceptions

Kingdom Trust has previously posted articles from our IRA Myth Debunked series seeking to debunk some commonly-held misconceptions about investing. Unfortunately, despite our industry’s efforts to educate on the truth about Self-Directed IRAs, we still find a bevy of IRA misconceptions that are, for lack of a better term, fake news. In today’s post, we […]

What If I Contributed More to My IRA Than Is Allowed?

If you’ve contributed more to an IRA than is allowed by IRS rules, then you’ve made what’s called an excess contribution. As a result, you may be subject to additional taxes and penalties. However, you may have time to correct the excess contribution. And depending on how and when the correction is made, certain taxes […]

DOL Fiduciary Rule Facing Dual Threat This Week

When we last blogged about the Fiduciary Rule, it was about to go live. As we mentioned at the time, the specter of modification loomed large over the rule, even though many expected it to be the law of the land, for better or worse, for years to come. However, things may quickly be changing. […]