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What Should You Do with Your Orphaned 401(k)?

Over the past few decades, Americans have witnessed a shift from defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans. The most notable defined contribution plan is the 401(k), many of which are forgotten about once we change jobs. In fact, millions of Americans are leaving assets in a 401(k) after changing jobs. TIAA-CREF estimates that 30% […]

72(t) and Other Exceptions to the Early Withdrawal Penalty

Have you heard of the 72(t) rule? Chances are that if you have, it was in reference to substantially equal periodic payments. While those are certainly important to know about, there’s even more to learn about this critical section of the code. Did you know you can find other exceptions to early distribution taxes within […]

Prohibited Assets and Prohibited Transactions in a Self-Directed IRA

Wondering what’s allowed to be held in an IRA? It’s actually better to study what cannot be held in an IRA instead of what can be held. The inclusivity of these rules also applies to transactions that may be made in an IRA. There are far fewer transactions you cannot do than those you can. […]

Regulators Warn of Digital Asset Investment Scams

A new circular released by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has warned against businesses attempting to lure customers with fake claims about cryptocurrencies. The two-page document specifically warns against language referencing “IRS approved” investments. Remember that the IRS does not approve any investments, and statements to the contrary are false. During a February 6 hearing […]