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The Parties Involved in Digital Currency and Precious Metals Investments

Digital currency has become one of the most discussed alternative investment options in recent times. To say it is polarizing would be an understatement. Proponents on one side and opponents on the other voice strong opinions on how it is, or is not, the future of commerce, investing and so on. However, those who aren’t […]

The Duties of a Custodian

As with any financial institution, Kingdom Trust has important disclosures on our website, forms and marketing materials. Unlike financial advisors or other service providers, we act as an independent third party to investment decisions and transactions. A custodian’s primary responsibilities are recordkeeping and reporting to the IRS, adhering to its rules and regulations and helping […]

6 Things to Know About the SEC’s Proposed Advice Rule

Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a proposed rule to establish new investment advice standards. The goals of the proposed rule are to raise and clarify standards of conduct for brokers-dealers (B-Ds) and advisors and provide clarity regarding fees, conflicts of interest and so on. The proposal will have a 90-day comment […]

Retirement Terms of Endearment: Diversification

Retirement and investing terminology can be confounding for the average investor. Specialized language and jargon are often norms, not exceptions. But while it’s easy to pile on the various acronyms and outdated language used by industry professionals (as we’ve done in previous posts), it’s also important to break down widely-used terms that are nonetheless misused, […]

10 Questions to Ask Before Investing in an ICO

One of the most significant changes to the investing world to coincide with the growth of digital assets is the rise of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). An ICO enables an entity or individual to raise capital for a project or contract by selling underlying cryptocurrency tokens. However, before investing in an ICO, consider asking the […]