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The Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Private Lending

Private lending is truly a historical investment method, perhaps dating back to the first millennium AD. But today’s investing world considers it an alternative investment method. Many investors, however, consider private loans to be a great way to diversify beyond the traditional stock and bond markets. Plus, lending investments can result in regular cash flow […]

Early IRA Withdrawals via 72(t) Payments

Occasionally, clients ask if they should use 72(t) payments out of their IRAs. Generally, some hardship requires a client to take this course of action, as he or she does not otherwise qualify for an early withdrawal exception. Of course, Kingdom Trust cannot recommend any such decision with one’s retirement account. But this provides us […]

Defining a Fiduciary

We’ve posted in detail the activities in Washington regarding the DOL Fiduciary Rule and whether it is truly dead. And now, states like Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Nevada are pursuing their own state-specific fiduciary rules. But those not deeply ingrained in the investing world may not fully comprehend the scope of that activity because of […]

The Parties Involved with Your Self-Directed IRA

About a year ago, we posted an article identifying the similarities between digital currency and precious metals investments. For those interested in digital asset investing, we identified the parties involved in both classes to help them get started. In this exclusive blog post, we identify the parties involved in Self-Directed IRA investments to help clear […]

SEC Approves New Advice Reform Package with Reg BI and Form CRS

As noted in our most recent post, significant changes are coming to the investment advice industry. Not unsurprisingly, the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) voted last week to adopt a major advice reform package. The package includes Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI), as well as Form CRS. The SEC states the package is designed to […]

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