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Which alternative asset is right for you? (Part 1: Real Estate)

Let’s face it: not everyone knows what to invest in when starting out with a Self-Directed IRA. After all, when you mix in the multitude of alternative investment options with the traditional stock, bond and mutual fund cocktail, your options are almost endless. Don’t fret! Alternative asset investing gives you the freedom to use retirement […]

Why a SEP IRA May Be Right for You

The Simplified Employee Pension (or SEP IRA) is an attractive retirement savings tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Any business owner with at least one employee can open a SEP IRA. This also includes any self-employed individual (and thereby anyone with freelance income, sole proprietorships and partnerships). Corporations, including S corporations, can also set […]

The Threatened State of Financial Freedom

By Charles “Bo” Ives, President Retirement is a frightening concept for many, and the idea of saving for retirement seems to be getting more and more of a negative connotation. Also, some data shows it on the decline among Millennials, despite recent news that Millennials are actually saving more than their parents’ generation. One major […]

When You Can and Must Take Money Out of Your IRA

You are certainly able to take money out of your IRA at any time, but oftentimes not without penalty. Let’s review one of the better-known rules about IRA distributions. If you take withdrawals before age 59 ½, you will have a 10% IRS penalty to cover. This charge could be in addition to any tax […]

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