What Is Private Equity?

Whether due to dissatisfaction with stock market returns, a familiarity with the asset class, or simply a diversification of their portfolios, many investors seek private equity investment opportunities. In fact, private equity holdings are among the most sought-after investments in self-directed accounts. But what about those who don’t really understand the term? In this blog […]

2019 Adjustments to Retirement Plan Limits

2019 is almost here! And with every new year, retirement account holders wonder what cost-of-living adjustments will be made to their account types. So, with that in mind, let’s briefly go over the changes for this new year. While we saw few changes in recent years, you will see multiple cost-of-living adjustments to retirement plan […]

Case Study: Investing in a Promissory Note with IRA Funds

Remember Paula? Paula purchased real estate with IRA funds and plans to hold it for several years. After age 50, she can anticipate tax- and penalty-free withdrawals from her Roth IRA while feeling more protected against stock market volatility. We didn’t think Paula would stop at the one alternative asset investment, though. And after further […]

Alternative Asset in Focus: Community Bank Stock

Kingdom Trust has made a name for itself by holding a variety of assets for individuals investing with retirement accounts and non-retirement accounts. From digital currency and precious metals to real estate and mutual funds, we’ve witnessed many creative ways savvy individuals have self-directed their investment accounts. From time to time, we identify an alternative […]

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