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MASTERCLASS: Self-Directed IRA with Tim Kuhman, September 2018

IRA Masterclass 2018 Tim Kuhman Kingdom Trust

Tim Kuhman joins an Asset TV MASTERCLASS panel to share his knowledge about Self-Directed IRAs, including the potential advantages, regulations and pitfalls to avoid.

Consider Your Alternatives

Have you considered your alternatives when investing in retirement? Did you know with a Self-Directed IRA, you’re can invest in alternative assets such as real estate, precious metals and so much more?

Introducing the Self-Directed IRA

A Self-Directed IRA allows you to hold alternative assets such as real estate, precious metals, IRA LLCs, hedge funds, promissory notes, tax liens, livestock, equipment leases and timber rights.

The Role of the Custodian

Those of you who are new to working with an alternative asset custodian like Kingdom Trust might wonder what a custodian does. This video outlines the roles of both the custodian and the account holder.

Self-Directed IRA Becomes the New Normal

Juggling a family and career, Catherine Sivills was like many Americans, choosing to leave investment decisions to investment advisors. Sivills decided she needed to play a greater role in her family’s financial future, so she explored the Self-Directed IRA, and Kingdom Trust showed her how easy it could be.

Kingdom Trust CEO Shares Investment Dream

Matt Jennings talks about his background and experience, including his success in the real estate industry. He discusses how his success and business interests transitioned into an understanding of the Self-Directed IRA industry and alternative investments and developed into the company that Kingdom Trust is today.

True Investment Diversity In Action

Blake Kukar has over 25 years experience in institutional equity sales and has made a living off the stock market. He has also seen the value of diversifying with alternative assets. Though new to self-directed investing, Kukar has been pleasantly surprised by the ease of the Kingdom Trust.

Realtors Need the Self-Directed IRA

Kingdom Trust Co-Founder and CEO Matt Jennings has put together hundreds of lucrative real estate deals in his career. He explains how realtors can tap a valuable and expansive resource: the IRA. Jennings explains how retirement funds can be used to purchase property such as rentals, commercial properties, undeveloped properties and much more.

The Kingdom Trust Online Account Application

A point-by-point walkthrough of the Kingdom Trust online account application. The first of its kind several years ago, the application is the preferred submission method for over two-thirds of our clients.

Investing in Real Estate with Your IRA

Few realize they have the opportunity to invest in real estate via a Self-Directed IRA and the accounts can benefit from enormous tax-deferred or tax-free advantages.

Working Mom Becomes Investing Mom

When the stock market dropped in 2008, Catherine Sivills joined the millions of Americans who saw the value of their portfolio decrease greatly. She found that she could invest retirement funds into alternative assets such as real estate. Sivills soon took advantage of one the greatest wealth building tools available.

Institutional Custody Solutions

Scott Foster discusses Kingdom Trust’s offerings as well as its direction in the institutional space. A former Wall Street investment advisor, Foster explains how the firm adapts to the changing needs of its clients by remaining flexible and innovative in an ever-changing financial services world.

Raising Real Estate Capital with Self-Directed IRA Funds

Matt Jennings discusses why the Self-Directed IRA is a great tool for individuals seeking to use retirement funds for real estate investments and discusses the different types of projects and opportunities investors have encountered.

Adding Real Estate to Your Investment Portfolio

In this video, Matt Jennings discusses ways investors can use a Self-Directed IRA to purchase real estate, including single-family homes, condominiums, apartments, commercial property and also non-traditional options such as notes, tax liens, promissory notes and second mortgages.

Discovering Rewards of Alternative Asset Investing

When the stock market stagnated in 2008, LeeAnn Taylor pursued other investment avenues. She found that with a Self-Directed IRA from Kingdom Trust, she could diversify with alternative investments such as tax liens and Black Angus cattle.

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