Three Insights into the Millennial Investor

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Like most generations, the Millennial Generation (those born between the early 1980s and late 1990s) has a different set of values, interests and preferences than preceding generations. This also applies to Millennials’ investing preferences and interests.

Folio Investing, a leader in the online investing space for over 15 years, recently published an article discussing some of the themes that make up Millennials’ investment strategies. Risk aversion is chief among them, as Millennials’ are more risk averse than preceding generations (a notion that contrasts heavily with common financial planning advice about this generation). Another theme is liquidity, as younger investors tend to use traditional retirement savings vehicles less, which could also be reflective of their risk aversion. The third and final theme, which crosses over into areas besides investing, is Millennials’ social consciousness.

The article is a short, informative read on the investment decisions of this generation.

Kingdom Trust provides the vehicle for investors of all ages and investment interests: the Self-Directed IRA. This tax-advantaged account is geared toward retirement savings and is an ideal strategy for investors seeking true portfolio diversity via alternative assets.

In fact, Kingdom Trust can address all three concerns about Millennials.

Those skeptical of the stock market can avoid Wall Street altogether if they are so inclined and invest in Main Street investments like local real estate or private companies. Those who aren’t as interested in defined contribution plans may prefer instead to have a little more control over their retirement investments with a Self-Directed IRA. And because these are Self-Directed IRAs, account holders can invest in asset classes they are passionate about and be part of the growing movement that is alternative asset investing. For traditional investments, Kingdom Trust works with companies such as Folio Investing for those interested in alternative and efficient ways to invest in publicly-traded securities.

If you are interested in getting started with a Self-Directed IRA from Kingdom Trust, click here to open an account online, or call us at 888.753.6972 for assistance.

Click here to see the original article from Folio Investing.

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