Crowdfunding IRA

Crowdfunding is drawing in significant pools of capital and grabbing a lot of the attention of Wall Street, but many are still unaware of the retirement investment opportunities via crowdfunding. The Self-Directed IRA is the primary retirement vehicle that can crowd finance, and eligible investors can use tax-advantaged retirement dollars in a Self-Directed IRA to invest in almost any crowdfunding opportunity, from tech startups to real estate.

Kingdom Trust is an industry leader in the Crowdfunding IRA due to our low account fees and a simple online account opening process.*

With a Crowdfunding IRA from Kingdom Trust, your IRA can invest in who and what you know and enjoy the tax advantages associated with a Self-Directed IRA.

As a passive, non-discretionary custodian, Kingdom Trust does not sell or provide investment advice, but we do custody client accounts investing in crowdfunding opportunities, provided they adhere to SEC regulations. We strongly encourage investors interested in crowdfunding opportunities to conduct the proper due diligence. Also, keep in mind that oftentimes crowdfunding investment opportunities are reserved for accredited investors only.

* Kingdom Trust will charge a $50 setup fee and $100 annual maintenance fee for Crowdfunding IRA accounts opened through our online application or through a crowdfunding portal and which hold only one asset. Accounts containing more than one asset will be charged our standard institutional pricing for accounts with multiple assets. Please note that other miscellaneous charges may apply.

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