Why a CPA chose a Self-Directed IRA (case study)

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Dave has worked in accounting since graduating from college in the early 1990s. He works for a large accounting office that offers a 401(k) plan, into which he has contributed the maximum or very close to it throughout his tenure with that company. He regularly consults retirement account holders on the tax consequences of their investment activity and savings, with some of his clients being leaders in local real estate, energy and other private business industries.

After a decade of contributing to the company 401(k), Dave has decided to move funds into a Self-Directed IRA. He wants to be able to select and control his own investments, trusting his decades of experience in dealing with large investments and funds along with the advice of his own financial advisor. He is interested in alternative assets, particularly real estate, oil and gas limited partnerships and private equity, and he knows that those cannot be held in his company’s 401(k) plan.

Dave is comfortable with the added responsibility of self-directing his retirement account, he seeks the freedom to alter or add investments whenever he chooses, and he would like true diversity in his retirement holdings.

The bottom line is that Dave wants the ultimate say over the investment choices made on behalf of his retirement. That’s why he chose a Self-Directed IRA.

Are you like Dave and ready to choose a Self-Directed IRA? Considering a rollover or transfer of funds into a Kingdom Trust account? Kingdom Trust can custody your Self-Directed IRA and assist with any account questions you may have. Contact us today for help with getting started.

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